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Why Pocket Numerology?

  • Check your personal daily forecast
  • Check your new business names
  • Check the meaning of your name
    and names of your friends
  • Check other names
    (your street, ... )
  • Chose between Chaldean and
    Pythagorean Calculator
  • Define your own letter values


Check your Name and your Birthday

You can check names of your friends

Check your New Company Name

Check if your new business or baby name fits
into your picture, using Chaldean or Pythagorean calculator.
Save and mark the name if it is interesting to you for later review!

Save your Name and
Names of your Friends

Add new name to your personal name list

Use Chaldean or Pythagorean Calculator

Set up your own letter values,
use master numbers,
set up your special country letters...

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